18. okt. 2010


Hopefully, someday it will have the look and the feel of the first four interiors, for now I'm posting just a few photos...I already have a bed with fashion magazines under it, but I'm still searching for a lamp, rug, curtain and bed linen. I'm so excited, the space is small but the light in the morning, ah, just fantastic!
Sorry for the lack of posting, am I the only one who doesn't keep track of time?? 

photo 1,2,3,4 from elle decor(?), desiretoinspire,this is glamorous

3 komentarji:

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

veryyyyy nice! komaj čakam fotografije napredka ;)

L I D A pravi ...

thank you, na žalost se ne zgodi vse kar v enem tednu...dekoriranje je naporen in dolgotrajen proces....)

Sara pravi ...

Oooo hudo.Komi čakam da vidm celotno sobo.Lidica <3 Sestrična.! Hehe