22. feb. 2010


I fell in love with this scene and this costume the first time I saw it. And I have promised myself to wear this dress one day, in Venice, during the carnival. And it would be a dream come true if I could attend Il ballo del Doge. Or simply lose myself in some small vietta of the city and travel trough time(like a character in an Erica Jong novel). Ah, daydreaming...

V trenutku, ko sem zagledala ta kostum in sploh celo sceno, sem se zaljubila. In si obljubila, da bom tako obleko nekoč nosila, v Benetkah, med karnevalom. In bilo bi resnično čudovito, če bi se lahko udeležila znamenitega plesa (Il ballo del Doge). Ali pa da bi se enostavno izgubila v kakšni mali uličici in se znašla v 16. stoletju, kot junakinja romana Erike Jong. Ah, sanjarjenje...

21. feb. 2010


marie claire it, elle slo, elle it,

My wardrobe desperately needs a makeover. I don't think it's a mission impossible, especially since I have some key pieces that can be used in the new season. There are some ideas that I find rather simple and effective; a white shirt( my brother's)+ a jeans skirt(that I'll make from an old pair of jeans), jeans+white t-shirt+black over-the-knee-boots and a black blazer, jeans combined with a military green piece and high heels...All these combinations are possible with almost no real complications.
On the other hand, I do have to invest in:
- a cute spring dress( I'm thinking Lanvin, but some other colour)
- a white blazer (think Stella Mc.)
- a piece of underwear/bra that can be worn with an unbuttoned shirt 
- Particuliere nail polish by Chanel (the colour is just so...well particuliere)
Trust me, you don't need more that four or five pieces to do a small miracle in your closet.

2. feb. 2010

Before the worst

pants Max&co., t.shirt UCB, bag Furla, scarf(?),shoes Unisa 

Photos made last week in Ljubljana, and let's say, with some irony, it happened before the worst...It's interesting, when it comes to love, you just can't get away from being pathetic even if you try to be reasonable. And you just have to listen certain tipes of music.

And if you manage to be self-ironic, chech out this ring from a brand called Atypyc. It is a 
ring /patch with a sketch of a diamond-for engagements/great loves gone bad.
I think it's time I get one.
photo is from

1. feb. 2010

Why do I love trailers

Because they make an interesting, passionate summary of life itself. So whenever you feel like your life is going in a direction of any kind(especially the wrong one), just make a trailer of moments in your head, with some great music and I promise you, you'll feel better. The more trailers you can make, the more you'll feel like your life is worth living. After it, things will seem a bit less serious.
Maybe it's sounds ridicolous, but it works for me:)