21. feb. 2010


marie claire it, elle slo, elle it,

My wardrobe desperately needs a makeover. I don't think it's a mission impossible, especially since I have some key pieces that can be used in the new season. There are some ideas that I find rather simple and effective; a white shirt( my brother's)+ a jeans skirt(that I'll make from an old pair of jeans), jeans+white t-shirt+black over-the-knee-boots and a black blazer, jeans combined with a military green piece and high heels...All these combinations are possible with almost no real complications.
On the other hand, I do have to invest in:
- a cute spring dress( I'm thinking Lanvin, but some other colour)
- a white blazer (think Stella Mc.)
- a piece of underwear/bra that can be worn with an unbuttoned shirt 
- Particuliere nail polish by Chanel (the colour is just so...well particuliere)
Trust me, you don't need more that four or five pieces to do a small miracle in your closet.

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