11. avg. 2010


1. A perfect way to use that jeans shirt you bought for spring(or on sales), it goes really well with camel coats, beige, knits, grey cardigans...It's my favourite trend this fall, so Chloe has to be my favourite collection.
marie claire agosto(it), chloe, chloe, chloe, t.hilfiger,m.kors, prada, s.mccartney, m.kors

2. You know how they say "never say never"? I broke that rule a couple of times in fashion( "I'll never wear flats!", "I'll never wear skinny jeans!"), so I don't dare to judge the fact that the pointy shoes are back. Hmmmm... Maybe, maybee I like Valentino. Just a little bit. Just thinking.
valentino, prada

3. Hair. Makes me wanna become blond. For fall. To wear it loose and wavy, or, Fendi-like. Beautiful.
chloe, fendi
marie claire/

5 komentarjev:

Curiouser and Curiouser pravi ...

definitely not too early!
love your post, my hair is long and blonde and just today I was thinking maybe I should do something different but now I wanna be a Fendi girl! Love the Marc Jacobs collection too xx

LIDA pravi ...

Thank you so much for reading and commenting:)xx

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

sam da so pri nas špičaki /še kr/ moderni, v svetu so pa /že spet/.... no, vsaj Slovenke so za spremembo v koraku s trendom ;)

kirstyb pravi ...

no not at all iv seen loads of this that i want want want ! xxx

Liv pravi ...

It's not too early, it just seems like we wish for summer all year and then we cheat on it when the fall collections hit stores!
For me it was Isabel Marant who made me crave the unthinkable... the pointy-toe shoe. :-)