15. mar. 2010


Loubotin Fifi pumps, Casadei

Ok, just because I worship Garance I decided to do this post about 10 basic pieces in my wardrobe, maybe it's going to help me finish cleaning up my closet (it already smells like spring, but today I found out it's still a bit early for having a two hour coffee outside the bar). So here's what I consider basic:

+ white T-shirt(s). All shapes and sizes
+ my Levi's. Slim. Cosy.
+ Malava nail polish, Velvet. It's looks very natural and it's tottally me
+ white shirt, recently "borrowed" from my brother
+ pumps in nude colours. They go with Everything, I have one beige pair, but I constantly dream about those above this article.
+big black classic diva looking sunglasess. I have a strange face, really, I just can't find the right pair for me. Still searching.
+my Furla bag, simple, dark blue, soooo perfect. I't has been my n. 1 wardrobe accessorie for almost 2 years now. If you can afford just one expensive thing, buy yourself a bag
+my grey cardigan, Zara. I'm thinking about buying one in a happy spring colour
+my silver rings
+a black thin belt by Patrizia Pepe

It's been real fun writing this post, thanks to G. for the idea...

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